La Liga TV rights to be reviewed

A new law could force La Liga teams to sell their television rights collectively, the president of Spain’s Sports Council, Miguel Cardenal, has said.

Under the current system, each Spanish club is free to negotiate individually with broadcast partners. This allows the big two, Real Madrid and Barcelona, to earn about €140 million each, with Atletico Madrid next (on an estimated €50 million) and minnows Granada making approximately €12 million per year, leading to a severe lack of competitive balance.

Cardenal, a member of Spain’s government, told radio station La COPE legislation that would lead to a more level playing field in Spanish football was being considered.

Cardenal said progress was being made on this issue, and La Liga clubs managing to cut the taxes they owe from €750 million to €670 million in the last year was a positive sign.

“Last year it was €750 million, so the progress made over this year seems like positive news to me,” he said.

The conservative politician suggested foreign investors could be a source of support for Spain’s financially-troubled clubs, which between them owe an estimated €3 billion – something fans of clubs such as Malaga [where financial problems have seen them banned from Europe] and Racing Santander [on the brink of extinction] might question.

“Foreign investment comes as a creation of wealth,” he said. “With that, you can do many things and create jobs.”

Read: La Liga TV rights to be reviewed




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