Neymar to Barca – a catastrophe in the making?


Barcelona need Messi. Boy, do they ever. Against Paris Saint-Germain, this immortal team appeared fallible. Without their god-like genius, hamstrung in more ways than one, they were second-best; ponderous, susceptible, beatable.Then he arrived, like a battle-scarred war hero, from the dugout. He played a part in the defining goal, and a far more substantial role in raising the atmosphere in Camp Nou from desolation to expectation. The euphoria surrounding the Argentine’s phonebox transformation into Barca’s Superman in last week’s Champions League quarter-final has reintroduced the question of Messidependecia. 

Much of the above, is, of course, kneejerk and overblown. Yes, the degree of dependecia on that night was apparent to all. The psychology of his introduction re-energised those around him. But would bringing a player such as Neymar, and the package that travels with him, really alter that mindset?Whether it is healthy or not, the established order is understood by almost all. Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique said as much post-PSG; Messi is the man they turn to, the MVP who must be protected, indulged, even – like an NFL quarterback.

The current pyramid of power sees Messi placed as close to the pinnacle as it’s possible to be; Tito Vilanova and Sandro Rosell are, and probably should be, bound by the needs and wants of the man who has made the modern incarnation of the club the fantasy of even the most emphatic Cule.
Neymar changes all that. Leaving aside the fundamental flaw in regarding a player who, with the greatest of respect, has produced fleeting moments of brilliance against a standard of opposition that falls considerably short of the European standard, in the same breath as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or even Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is completely ludicrous.

Leaving aside everything about him as a player; how his selfishness in possession, his wastefulness in pursuit of self rather than team dynamic, is the antithesis of everything that Barcelona are, and will look to retain.

Leaving aside this extrapolated transfer saga, creating a sense of wonderment and unfair anticipation as to what this 21-year-old can conceivably achieve.

Barcelona’s apprehension should be primarily concerned with the fact that Neymar is a sponsored behemoth. He represents Football 2.0; a box office hit, created in advance of his achievements. An ‘A’ list film star based on the trailer alone.

Yet in Neymar’s case, the opposite seems to be true. There is a crushing ambition to have the Brazilian mentioned in the same breath as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. If ever a player has been set up for a monumental fall, it is poor Neymar – stuck in a faux-environment where, in the minds of many, he is already a better player than he is ever likely to become.

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